Mangoes & Monkeybread / Mangoro ak Solomsolom / Mangues & Solomsolom



“Mangoes & Monkeybread ” is giving fruity fun with Ella and Louis.

Ella & Louis have just arrived in The Gambia for their winter holidays.
Settling at home, Louis is already missing sweet strawberries from Stockholm.
Join Ella as she takes her brother on a yummy fruit tasting tour and discover fruits native to West Africa that you might have never seen before!
Along the way, see if you can find Happy, their adorable little dog who loves a game of hide and seek!

A light-hearted journey of discovery with beautiful illustrations and photographs. This charming book shares some of the beauty found in the smallest country in Africa.

Ella et Louis viennent juste d’arriver en Gambie pour y passer les vacances d’hiver. Mais les délicieuses fraises suédoises manquent déjà à Louis. Viens rejoindre Ella et son petit frère qui partent à la découverte de fruits savoureux. N’oublie pas de chercher Happy, leur adorable petit chien qui aime jouer à cache-cache quand tu lis le livre!


Auteur: Emily Joof, Lena Nian
Uitgeverij: Mbife Books
Aantal bladzijden: 27
Productcode: 9151925575
Illustrator: Mathilda Rosen
Uitvoering: Hardcover
Taal: Anglais, Français, Wolof
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Anglais, Français, Wolof


4+, 6+